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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are my ZoomInfo login credentials not working to get into the Engage platform?

    ZoomInfo credentials are separate from Engage credentials. Both platforms require separate licenses that come with credentials required to gain access.

  • Does Engage work with the Reachout Chrome Extension?

    Yes, you can export a contact from ReachOut to Engage in a matter of clicks! Start by clicking the ‘Export’ button in ReachOut. Next, select ‘Engage’ from the drop down menu. Then, you’ll be able to add the contact to one of your Salesflows and schedule your salesflow.

  • How do credits work between the ZoomInfo platform and Engage?

    If you are exporting contacts from the ZoomInfo platform to Engage via the Engage connector, each exported contact will cost one credit. The same credit usage applies to the inverse scenario, using the Engage connector within the ZoomInfo platform.

  • Is Engage part of my subscription for ZoomInfo?

    No, Engage is not a part of your subscription for ZoomInfo. You can purchase Engage either on its own or in addition to ZoomInfo. Purchasing licenses both enables you to access ZoomInfo data directly from the Engage interface.

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