We sat down with William Wright, Senior Account Manager, SMACT Works to talk through his experience with ZoomInfo Engage. 

SMACT Works provides strategy, management, consulting and managed services for digital, data & analytics, Cloud and Enterprise Technologies. 

Founded in 2013, SMACT works as a  leading management and enterprise IT services company. The company is known for its unrivaled practical experience in solving enterprise and business challenges. 

Serving organizations ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies in the public sector, healthcare, education and commercial sectors, we needed to recruit sales professionals. 

“We were looking for a platform to kind of have a more fluid sales process where you could track a sales person’s progress and have visibility into who the sales reps are targeting,” says Wright.

“We had been using Excel spreadsheets and sending through Gmail.”

Originally, Wright brought on Tellwise to mature their sales process, increase engagement and streamline processes and drive efficiency.

I would say I’m going after directors and VPs. Most companies that are in the range of say 500 million to 3 billion. They must also be using Oracle Cloud, PeopleSoft or the Oracle E-Business Suite (using Technologies)

The Transition to Engage 

In early 2019,  ZoomInfo acquired TellWise. The result? Engage. 

“I used to have 5 different tabs open during a call. But now, with Engage from ZoomInfo, I have everything I need right in front of me,” explains Wright.

Engage allows reps to move seamlessly between different communication channels – making multi-tasking a breeze. 

This enables our sales reps to deliver exactly what the buyer needs as they move through their buying journey. Our activity is documented along the way so your pipeline is always fueled with accurate data for better predictability.

When we acquired TellWise we knew we wanted to keep all the functionality of their platform while also creating a more user-friendly experience. According to Wright, we hit the nail on the head. 

“The combined platform looks a lot more streamlined. It’s easier to find the information. It’s a better user experience. Engage ensures I have all all the resources I need to succeed right at my fingertips.”

Benefits of ZoomInfo Engage 

The overarching theme here is ease of use and actionability. Engage provides a smart user interface that doesn’t compromise quality. 

It’s easy to switch between ZoomInfo and Engage and bring all the contacts or leads over to Engage. It helps keep even the messiest salespeople organized.

Sales flows & Automatic emails also help a lot. Salespeople are always being pulled in 5 different directions, with Engage they can do multiple different calling sessions and email campaigns on one platform, at the same time. 

“The most beneficial part of the sales flow is the auto dialer. I can maximize my time and efforts. While I’m making my calls, I have an email campaign running in the background to 100 people that I’m going to call tomorrow,” says Wright. 

“The next day it’s flipped. The people I was calling yesterday, are now getting an email and the people I was emailing are now getting phone calls. This helps me stay more organized and efficient.”

Where Are They Now?

So, after six months with ZoomInfo, what has the SMACT Works team accomplished?

  • Doubled company production, if not tripled
  • Increased engagement by 50%
  • Reached out to 2x as many people as prior to onboarding.
  • Now connecting with 15/100 people, rather than 1/100 people (thanks to direct dials). 
About ZoomInfo Engage

ZoomInfo Engage is sales engagement reimagined. A cloud-based, dynamic sales acceleration and productivity tool, Engage enables sellers to build relationships, accelerate pipeline, review and track analytics, and maintain laser focus throughout the day. By combining the best of dialing, email, triggers, and analytics into a single, comprehensive environment, the adaptive tool streamlines all modern forms of communication between the buyer and seller, infusing greater intelligence, effectiveness and efficiency throughout the entire sales lifecycle.

For more information, visit engage.zoominfo.com

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