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Common Questions About Sales Dialers

  • What is a sales dialer?

    A sales dialer is a tool that allows users to automatically call through lists of uploaded contacts. While the functionality sounds simple in nature, the ability to bypass manually dialing phone numbers when reaching out to prospects saves users significant time. Features such as click-to-dial and pre-recorded voicemail eliminate error-prone and repetitive tasks and are quickly becoming favorite tools in a seller’s tech stack.

  • How does a dialer work?

    A dialer performs outbound calls from a contact center to the prospect or customer. Users can quickly build and execute call campaigns to any group of contacts. Users can set time intervals in between calls to allow them time to review details about the next prospect or customer on the call list.

  • What are the best ways to set up call lists in a sales dialer?

    Most sales dialers empower users to easily create segmented calling lists based on a number of variables, including territory, industry, accounts, or even custom tags flagged by users. Furthermore, best-in-class sales dialers leverage performance analytics to highlight advantageous times to conduct phone outreach and even recommend prospects or customers to include in a call list based on engagement and likelihood to respond.

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